Best Compact Binoculars

Our buyers guide to the best compact binoculars on the market...

Compact binoculars are some of the most popular binocular types on the market because they are so flexible, light and - well - compact.  These binocular types are loved since they are small enough to fit comfortably into your hands, they are light enough to carry anywhere and leading designing and manufacturing gives you the best of the best all rolled into one tiny device.  

Unlike those big full-sized binoculars, you can easily view objects for long periods on end without feeling fatigued by the weight of the device and you can carry it with you on any and all adventure without feeling strained.    

If you are looking for the best compact binoculars to buy right now then your search should start at the SkyGenius 10x25 Compact Binoculars.  


Our Rating

Most compact binoculars boast with a wide range of tempting specs and features but the SkyGenius 10x25 truly does have it all and it is still available at a very affordable price.

The design of these binoculars is stylish and sleek. The binoculars are black in design with grooved rubberized grips around each telescope to prevent the device from slipping out of your hands. At just 0.52 lb it is very light indeed and the binoculars can fold into a pocket-sized device that is easy to carry wherever you go.

This is good binoculars for those looking for something functional for just about any hobby or sport. This set is perfect for lots of outdoor activities such as hunting, bird watching and more since it is compact and water-resistant. The binoculars offer 10 x magnification, offers a 342ft / 1,000 yards view and is fitted with flexible foldable eyecups. The central fitted focus wheel is easy to turn and access and the binoculars are fitted with a dioptre system that allows you to adjust your vision to suit both eyes. 

The advanced design of the binoculars offers you clear HD vision. The lenses have been treated with corrective optical FMC Green Multi-coated optics coating to reduce reflection and to enhance the quality of your view. A BK7 Roof prism is included in the design to help enhance your vision and reduce the weight of the device. The roof prism and lens coating also reduces chromatic aberration and results in a much better view despite the small and compact size of the binoculars. 

These binoculars can be used for night viewing although it isn’t preferable. The pair will offer a good view in limited lighting but isn’t electronic and as such do require some light to function. 

These binoculars are perfect for adults and children and they are also suitable for those that wear spectacles since the rubber eyecups can be folded over easily so you can bring your eyes closer to the lens. The adjustable eyepieces are also soft and comfortable during viewing and help a great deal for enhancing your view through these binoculars. 


  • Weight - 0.52 lb
  • Size - 4.2 x 4 x 19 inch
  • Magnification - 10x
  • Field of view - 342ft/1,000Yds
  • Waterproof - Yes
  • Lens coating - FMC Green Multi-coating optics
  • Prism type - Roof
  •  Diopter system - Yes
  • Foldable eyecups - Yes
  • Best suited for - Variety of scenarios 



  • The binoculars are very light in weight
  • They fold easily into a pocket-sized device that is easy to transport
  • The roof prism, lens coating and large field of view result in a very bright and high-quality view
  • The binoculars are easy to use and adjust to suit your eyes
  • The centre wheel focus and diopter makes it possible to adjust your view according to the strength of each eye
  • The binoculars have flexible foldable eyecups
  • A rubberized textured surface around each telescope enhances your grip and prevents you from slipping
  • The binoculars are practical for several purposes and use
  • 10 x magnifications are pretty good
  • Waterproofing keeps moisture out of the telescopes


  • High magnification rate does result in a shaky view
  • Materials do tend to smell rubbery
  • The field view width isn’t particularly large

Final Verdict

Considering the price of these binoculars, you do get a lot of functionality and quality. The binoculars offer good magnification, are easy to adjust, compensates for different eye strengths and are very easy to use. 

They are a practical investment for people of all ages since children can easily use them thanks to the lightweight and adjustable bridge of the device. Active adults love these binoculars because they are so easy to carry around wherever you go due to a compact design and lightweight.

These binoculars are superb for many applications including the following:

  • Hunting
  • Sightseeing
  • Sports games
  • Bird watching
  • Traveling
  • Concert viewing
  • Theatre viewing

SkyGenius 10x25 Compact Binoculars, like all other compact binoculars, are very flexible and comfortable to use but they can lack in functionality when it comes to specific viewing. Bird and wildlife watchers, for example, benefit more from binoculars with reduced magnification and a larger objective lens since a bigger lens will allow you to see much better at night and a lower magnification rate reduces the shake in your view. The binoculars also don’t come with night vision and those that travel by boat do tend to avoid these binoculars because the high magnification can make it challenging to see properly when you are out at sea.

All in all, you won’t make a mistake when you buy this pair of binoculars. The design is stylish, the device is made of high-quality materials and you do get a pretty good view thanks to the quality lenses, lens coatings and the specialized design of the binoculars.

This is the perfect binoculars for anyone that needs something flexible, functional and easy to use. It will serve you well while bird watching in your garden, watching theatre or a band during an event and when you are out and about exploring nature. It is a good and very affordable investment for those with multiple interests and that live an active and on the go lifestyle.  

Binoculars have come a very long way since the first patent was perfected back in 1825. The first binoculars were quite simple but today you can get a variety of types, brands sizes and you can lookout for a huge variety of specifications to help you enjoy the best and brightest view of a far off target. 

You can pick a pair to suit your exact need whether you want to enjoy the highest quality view of a subject or need something portable and compact that you can carry with you at all times. You can also find binoculars that can perform a specific task such as hunting or night vision binoculars to help you overcome obstacles that might hinder your ability to excel in a specific sport or task.

With such a huge variety of binoculars available on the market, it can be quite challenging to identify the best from the rest or to choose one that serves your specific need.  It is especially challenging to find what you are looking for if you don’t quite understand what binocular specifications mean and what specs to look out for.

In this 2019 buyers guide we are going to make it very easy for you to find a quality pair of binoculars at an affordable price and we are going to share some info on how to find a pair help you enjoy the best view whether you are checking things out at home or want to get a closer look at something strange  on one of your adventures.  

The SkyGenius 10x25 Compact Binoculars - The Best Compact Binoculars


Our Rating

We are going to start by discussing the SkyGenius 10x25 binoculars because compact binoculars are so functional. 

Compact binoculars are designed with leading technology and features to help enhance the magnification and view while reducing the weight and size of the binoculars as much as possible. These binoculars are elite multi-functional or flexible tools since they are practical for so many applications. They are perfect for wildlife and bird viewing, traveling, hunting, watching sports games, viewing the opera and so much more since they provide a clear view even in limited lighting. These binoculars also fold down to a compact size and their lightweight make them very easy to carry with you without feeling tired.

The SkyGenius 10x25 compact binoculars are the best to buy right now because you get such wonderful functionality at a very affordable price.

The binoculars are sleek and stylish in design and feature grooved rubberized grips that give you a frim old on the device and protects the delicate lenses during impact. At 0.52 lb and compact folding size of 4.2x 4 x 1.9 inch, you can take these binoculars anywhere with ease. 

Function wise you do get quite a lot considering the price of these binoculars. Powerful 10x magnification allows you to see far off objects with ease and the roof prisms, corrective optical FMC Green Multi-coated lens coatings, and relatively large 25-inch objective lens diameter offer you a very bright and crisp view of items. The 342ft/1,000 yards field of view is also pretty impressive considering the compact design and objective lens diameter of these binoculars.

The binoculars are also very easy to use. The center focus wheel is easy to adjust and a right dioptre system allows you to easily adjust the vision in your right eye so you can compensate for variable eye strengths. The binoculars also have soft eye-cups that fits comfortably around your eyes and that can be folded over to help you see while wearing spectacles. 


  • Weight - 0.52 lb
  • Size - 4.2 x 4 x 19 inch
  • Magnification - 10x
  • Field of view - 342ft/1,000Yds
  • Waterproof - Yes
  • Lens coating - FMC Green Multi-coating optics
  • Prism type - Roof
  • Diopter system - Yes
  • Foldable eyecups - Yes
  • Best suited for - Variety of scenarios 

What we love

  • The light and compact size of the binoculars is superb for traveling
  • A quality roof prism design and lens coating offers a high-quality view considering the small objective lens diameter
  • The binoculars are quite flexible thanks to an adjustable dioptre system and foldable eyecups
  • The rubberized textured surface enhances your grip and offers ample lens protection upon impact
  • 10 x magnification is very good for such a small pair
  • The binoculars are waterproof which keeps moisture and fog out of your lenses

What we didn’t love

  • The view can become shaky during high magnification
  • Not tripod compatible
  • Rubbery materials can smell


These are good binoculars for families, households and for adventure seekers that are constantly on the move and that frequently enjoy a variety of activities such as sports, hunting, wildlife viewing and more. It is a good overall pair if you need something sturdy, multifunctional, easy to use and easy to transport.


Our Rating

Compact binoculars are great and all but they often lack in quality when you are trying to view objects at a great distance and want to enjoy the best view. If you need something that offer better visuals and have less than $100 in your budget then the Gosky 10x42 binoculars can be a very agreeable investment.

We strongly believe that any household or individual can find these binoculars handy in a number of situations. 

These binoculars are loved by lots of adventure lovers that enjoy animal and bird studies as well as those that love to view sports, opera, theatre and other types of performances because the binoculars offer an advanced and very clear view in limited lighting.

The Gosky 10x42 is relatively light in weight at 23.88 oz and relatively compact at 5.51 x 6.3 x 2.17 inches so you can firmly grip it and enjoy a more comfortable view. 

They are also very easy to use thanks to the central focus wheel with right eye dioptre that can be adjusted to suit your vision to perfection. The binoculars are very flexible to use since you can attach a Gosky Newest Smartphone Mount which enables you to connect your phone to the binoculars so you can capture images and videos of what you see with ease. The smartphone mount is compatible with a huge variety of phone types and you also get added accessories such as a neck strap, carry case and more.

You will enjoy a better and crisp clear view of far off objects with this binoculars. It is designed with a roof prism, offers 10x magnification and a large 42-inch objective lens that allows much more light to enter the binoculars. Several coatings also prevent light from distorting and results in a much crisper quality view.

The 307ft/ 1x000yds field of view is sufficient but not admirable considering the size of the binoculars. The binoculars also have adjustable eyecups which make it practical for those that wear specs and those that don’t.


  • Weight - 23.88oz
  • Size - 5.51 x 6.3 x 2.17 inch
  • Objective lens diameter - 42mm
  • Magnification - 10x
  • Field of view - 307ft/1,000Yds
  • Waterproof - No
  • Lens coating - FMC Green Multi-coating optics
  • Prism type - Smart Phase BAK 4 Roof 
  • Diopter system - Right eye focus ring
  • Eyecups - adjustable 
  • Best suited for - outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, driving and watching wildlife

What we love

  • The large objective lens diameter and roof prism design allows more light into the binoculars for a much crisper view
  • Several lens coatings also enhance your view and reduce distortion of light
  • 10x magnification is quite powerful
  • The binoculars are tripod compatible
  • It comes with a handy phone adaptor so you can capture what you see on camera or photo
  • The eyecups are adjustable
  • The binoculars are easy to fine-tune
  •  A rubberized exterior assists in impact absorption

What we didn’t love

  • At 10x magnification, you can get a shaky view
  • The field of view is rather small a full-size binoculars
  • These binoculars are not waterproof
  • They can get a bit bulky to carry on active adventures. 


These binoculars are the elite tool for those that love to enjoy high-quality views while admiring wildlife, birdlife or while you are having fun at sports games or entertainment centers. The binoculars offer you a good view of far off objects and an elite design allows as much natural light in as possible for a much brighter and clearer view. The fact that the binoculars are also tripod and smartphone adaptable are also some pretty fascinating benefits to keep in mind when you shop.


Our Rating

Hunting is an active sport that takes you to lots of unfamiliar territories and unforeseen events. To be a good hunter you do need quite a bit of skill and being able to spot the right trophy kill from a far off distance sure does come in handy. 

The Bushnell 10x42 is the best trophy binoculars that you can buy right now. They offer much the same functionality as the Gosky 10x42 but are preferable for hunters thanks to some extra tough features such as a rubberized coating and waterproofing. 

These binoculars are quite stylish thanks to the camouflage rubberized coating that also improves your grip and reduces impact during a fall. And if you are not too happy with the camo design then you can also opt for the bush green safari look since these binoculars do come in two different colors. 

The binoculars are perfect for quick action viewing during hunting trips thanks to a large center focus wheel that can be adjusted with ease and a right eye focusing ring that adjusts very smoothly. IPX-7 waterproofing makes the binoculars ideal for hunting in rainy and humid climates and the binoculars also come with lots of accessories such as removable lens caps, a binocular pouch, and clip-on straps so you can enjoy the best comfort while you are out there in the field.

The visuals of this pair of binoculars are ideal for day hunting. You get an advanced view thanks to multi-coating optics that reduces sun glare and optimized light distortion within the binoculars. Bigger objective lens diameter of 42mm is also ideal for allowing more light into the binoculars so you can see more clearly and the BAK 4 Roof prism design offers elite view clarity despite the high 10 x magnification. 

At 1.58 lbs the binoculars are also fairly light and the 9.7 x 6.7 x 3.3-inch size of the pair offer you good travel convenience.


  • Weight - 1.58 lbs
  • Size - 9.7 x 6.7 x 3.3 inch
  • Objective lens diameter - 42mm
  • Magnification - 10x
  • Field of view - 330ft/1,000Yds
  • Waterproof - IPX-7 Waterproofing
  • Lens coating - Multi-coating optics
  • Prism type - BAK 4 Roof Prisms
  • Diopter system - Right eye focus ring
  • Eyecups - adjustable
  • Best suited for - Hunting, game driving, bird watching or camping
  • Accessories - Removable lens caps, Drawstring carry bag, binocular pouch, and clip-on straps

What we love

  • Waterproofing and impact absorption rubberizing offers the type of durability you need on hunting expeditions
  • A large 330ft/1,000Yds view allows you to see a greater area in one view
  • 10x optical zoom is pretty good
  • The 42mm lens diameter, roof prisms, and multi-coating optics offer a much brighter and clearer view
  • The binoculars are very easy and quick to adjust
  • You get lots of accessories such as removable lens caps, drawstring carry bag and more

What we didn’t love

  • The neck strap isn’t the best quality nor the most comfortable to wear
  • You can experience eye strain when you use the binoculars for too long
  • High magnification can result in a shaky view


Thee binoculars are perfectly suitable for your hunting expeditions. They offer you a great view, they are very easy and quick to adjust and the pair is highly durable so you can take it with you even on rough terrains. The binoculars are also practical for other uses such as bird watching, animal watching, sports game watching, traveling and more.


Our Rating

Do you enjoy night activities or perhaps need a pair of binoculars to help you enhance home security at night? The Sharper Image True Night Vision Binoculars are the perfect pick.

These binoculars can be used for day viewing up to 1320 feet but they are not exactly practical for this application since they do tend to consume a lot of battery energy and don’t offer you a great zoom. But they are superb for allowing you to do what no day binoculars can - they make it possible for you to see during the night.

At night you can see objects and your surroundings up to 300 feet in green LED lighting. The binoculars offer 1 - 2 x magnification and the 640 x 480 resolution screen does make it very easy to view since both telescopes are connected to a central rubber eyepiece that is comfortable. These electric binoculars function via 4 AA batteries and are adjustable by selecting buttons fitted on top of the binoculars. 

The binoculars are very light at just 2 lbs although it should be noted that 4 AA batteries do contribute to the weight quite a lot. The binoculars are sold with accessories which include a carrying pouch and padded neck strap.


  • Weight - 2 lbs excl batteries
  • Magnification - 1 - 2 times
  • Night Range - 300 feet
  • Day range - 1320 feet
  • Waterproof - No
  • Resolution - 640 x 480
  • Batteries - Requires 4 AA batteries
  • Eyecups - Single large for both eyes
  • Best suited for - Night-time viewing
  • Accessories - Carrying pouch and padded neck strap

What we love

  • Affordable price
  • You can see clearly at night up to 300 feet
  • Offers you a clear view in green light 
  • The binoculars can be used up to 1320 feet at day time
  • It is very easy to use the unit
  • What we didn’t love
  • Requires lots of batteries to function and will require spare batteries for lots of use
  • You only get up to 300 feet of viewing
  •  The binoculars don’t have a rubberized coating to absorb impact
  • Not waterproofed
  • Magnification is very poor


While these are hardly the best binoculars for day time use, they do offer you the best view at night. The binoculars are easy to use, functional and they are a good investment for hunters, animal watching, night sports or to use as a security device so you can spot intruders in your property at night time.

Buyers Guide

Our list includes the 4 binoculars that serve a specific purpose but if you are not quite sure what to pick then perhaps this quick buyers guide can be of some extra assistance;

The best compact binoculars - If you need something pocket and travel size that offers you a good view then choose the SkyGenius 10x25 binoculars. They are very functional, light and portable and price-wise it won’t be a train smash if you lose them on a journey at all.

The best for advanced viewing - For advanced viewing, you really should try to find something that has a bigger optical lens diameter like the Gosky 10x42 or the Bushnell 10x42. These both offer you advanced viewing and are very easy to use. If you need something that is smartphone compatible then the Gosky 10x42 is the right pick but if you need something sturdier then go with the Bushnell 10x42 since it is waterproof.

The best for hunting - The Bushnell 10x42 Trophy binoculars are the best pick for hunting because they offer you the best view, they are highly durable and sturdy and the cameo design is a bonus.

The best for wildlife watching - The Gosky 10x42 is the best binoculars for animal viewing because you can set it up on a tripod and it comes with a smartphone adapter so you can capture some of the things you see on video or photo.

The best for night viewing - If you want to see at night then the Sharper Image True Night is a must. The rest of the binoculars on this list does offer you a good view in limited lighting but the light is still essential for them to function.

The best for travelers - Travelers can choose from the SkyGenius 10x25 or the Bushnell 10x42. Both of these are waterproof and are very sturdy and compact. The SkyGenius is the right one if you are traveling a lot by foot or for backpacking expeditions since it is so small while the Bushnell can be a better pick for travelers that regularly enjoy rough adventures.

Final Verdict

All of these binoculars will serve you well as long as you keep your main need for them in mind. A night vision binocular, for example, doesn’t help much if you want to see objects in the far distance more clearly and big and bulky binoculars can be annoying if you are always on the go. The binoculars on this list are some of the tops picks available on the market and we are quite certain that you will enjoy the best functionality if you buy one that suits your need to perfection. 

If you want to find out more about each binoculars on our list then we welcome you to hop over to our product reviews where all the pros, cons and specs of these binoculars are discussed in detail.

We hope that our buyer's guide helped guide you towards the right binoculars based on your need or helped you find a good, flexible and overall handy binocular that will serve you and your family well for many years to come on all the many adventures you will be enjoying.